1HomeOffice provides back office logistics services with private mailboxes and digital mail room, high-performance printing, packing, shipping, document production, management and delivery services are enabled by cloud hosted voice, text, chat, video communication and file sharing.

We support home and shared office work options as well as traditional office work environments.

Office logistics services are offered a la carte on either primary or standby basis.

We have established protocols, operational assets and trained personnel that can be deployed on an hour’s notice. We can scale up or scale down our services on demand and manage a seamless flow of data and documents with anyone on your team through our Oracle NetSuite enabled cloud Customer Center. We can also offer your entire team an integrated universal communication system that has all the features of Slack, DropBox and Zoom in one SSO portal.

Even if all your professional staff have maintained productivity working from home and your back office and admin operations haven’t yet been impacted by COVID, you know where the weak link is.

How much does it cost to support your dispersed professional team and what is your risk if their support is compromised by a couple of key employees becoming suddenly unavailable?

We’d like to talk to you about how we can back up your team so that your support services are at 100% capacity with 100% up-time guarantee.

Leave us a message, and we will reply shortly.